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Singles "Rib dip" All inclusive

Do you want to "throw" the bachelor overboard in the middle of the sea?

We can ! RIB Actie Scheveningen offers the "Bachelor(ette) "RIB dip" and various possibilities to offer your friend or girlfriend, who is about to get married, a spectacular package.

Before the bachelor officially gets into the "real" wedding boat we take him or her on board on one of our RIB power boats for the RIB Powerboat Singles Action. After a spectacular RIB powerboat trip at sea we fully acquaint the bachelor with a refreshing dive in the North Sea. Floating in a survival suit over the waves under the supervision of your friends. Guaranteed fun!

Singles All Inclusive package

Instead of compiling a package ourselves, we have created a 'Singles All inclusive package' for you. This offered form is the most sold. Why then reinvent the wheel? And ... if you buy the package at once, you will receive a substantial discount and we will ensure that the activities fit together nicely. Nice and easy and also in terms of planning you do not have to worry about the bachelor day!

Singles All Inclusive :Most sold !
Singles Rib dip
(45 minutes rib sailing including bachelor overboard action)
€ 47,50
Sailing suit € 5,00
Beer brewery Scheveningen
(1 hour visit to the beer brewery including tasting)
€ 15,00
Luxury BBQ Meat Special
(Marinated chicken saté, hamburger, turkey merquez, Wakadori chicken, rib eye
and spare ribs.)
€ 24,50
2 hours of unlimited drinking
(beer, house wine, crisp and fruit juices)
€ 18,00

Special All Inclusive Promotion rate

€ 110,00

 € 102,50

Singles party scheveningen powerboat
rib boating scheveningen team outing

Possible to reserve extra:

Crazy Pianos

This arrangement can be extended with a voucher for Crazy Pianos.
For this the following is included:

  • Starter
  • Use of wardrobe
  • Welcome cocktail!

Cost voucher at € 16,50 per person.
Additional advantages to buy the ticket in advance are that you do not have to queue and with a ticket you can always go inside
(when dressed normally and not under the influence of alcohol).


Combine the bachelorette rib dip with one of oursarrangements.From € 15, - pp

Safety ribs at RIB Actie Scheveningen

For more information regarding safety and deductibles, please refer to our web page:Safety ribs Scheveningen.

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Beach BBQ
Crazy pianos
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