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Safety ribs at RIB Actie Scheveningen.

Ribschool Scheveningen, our sister organization.

In addition to the boat trips for Rib Actie Scheveningen, we also provide sailing courses under the name Ribschool Scheveningen.

We are CWO (Commission Watersport Opleidingen) and RYA (Royal Yachting Association) certified. We are also a CRKBO (Central Register for Short Professional Education) institution.

Every year, the police officers from Haaglanden police come to us for their sailing training for their work at the Coastal Detachment. Rijkswaterstaat and the Water Board also take part in our courses every year. Individuals, including the many expats in The Hague, can contact us for their International boat license followed by the ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

With this we want to indicate that we know what we are doing on our North Sea. We like to keep our reputation high.

We have several RIBs which are not rented. Every year an inspector from the UK inspects our boats and teaching materials.

We have several rib boats and can provide large groups with spectacular ribs.
Up to 12 persons can be on board per boat, this is also the legal norm.
With larger groups we use several boats or we sail in rows

In addition, every passenger with us falls under a P & I coverage (protection & indemnity)
Safety is of course above sales.

police hagades sailing training rib boat
Sailing training Police rib boat

Safety RIB sailing Scheveningen

If you are dealing with wind, tide and wave, it is not possible to say in general that after wind force 7 you will no longer sail. At Noordwest 6 there is a good chance that we will no longer sail, but with South 7 it could still be fine. It is also important with which tide we have to deal with. In other words, the variable circumstances determine whether we think it is justified or not to start. Because of our experience as rescue brigade skippers we know the risks of the sea. In any case, we take the decision not to sail on the basis of safety and sense of responsibility. The decision lies at all times at the skipper and is not debatable.

training in police ribs
rib sailing police training

The sea is too turbulent. What now?

We only cancel a RIB Powerboat tour a few times a year, but we are also disappointed when we have to cancel a RIB Powerboat tour. We do think that you as a customer can not be the victim and we offer you the following service. If we can not go out due to an unsafe situation, there are two possibilities:

  1. 100% refund for rib powerboat sailing (also without extra administration costs).
  2. Inshore rib powerboat sailing: You finally came to Scheveningen to sail. In case of an unsafe situation, there is the possibility to sail in the port. We sail to the harbor heads and just before it gets too intense we turn into the mouth. Often you only really realize when you see the turbulent sea that it has been a good decision to stay in the house.

You are entirely free to opt for the 100% refund or for the inland ribs. The activities, which are not organized by RIB Actie Scheveningen, but by one of our partners, are simply followed by programs.

rib sailing port scheveningen
Turbulent sea ribs

Scheveningen own risk ribs

Participation in the activities of RIB School & RIB Action Scheveningen is entirely at your own risk. Before sailing you sign a declaration of 'own risk' and 'good health' It is important that you realize that RIB powerboat sailing is really not possible if you have back and / or neck complaints or if you are pregnant. We also do not take you on board if you are under the influence of alcohol. For this you sign before departure. If personal incidents occur in spite of all precautionary measures, we have taken out a comprehensive insurance package for all participants. Participants under the 18 year must have this statement signed in advance by a parent and / or guardian.