Rib Ride Groups

The ideal RIB sailing Scheveningen group outing.

RIB Powerboat sailing at RIB Actie Scheveningen!

with larger groups (from 21 to 150 people) we use several boats and sail in rows.
We ride with a maximum of 12 people per rib trip, this is also the legal norm.

In addition, every passenger with us falls under a P &  I coverage (protection & Indemnity)
Guaranteed safe and seaworthy!

You should experience the powerboat Rib sailing! Experience the ultimate thrill of the RIB Powerboat feeling!
The conditions at sea are varied by wind, tide and wave height!
Attend the meeting with the natural elements and salty spray in your face.

RIB powerboat ride kurhaus Scheveningen
Bachelor party rib ride

RIB Ride Scheveningen
30 minutes:

6 to 20 persons    € 37,50 p.p.
21 to 50 persons  € 35,00 p.p.
Above 51 persons    € 32,50 p.p.

RIB Ride Scheveningen
45 minutes:

6 to 20 persons   € 47,50 p.p.
21 to 50 persons  € 45,00 p.p.
Above 51 persons  € 42,50 p.p.

Above rates include Secumar lifevest, fuel and P & amp; I insurance.
Minimum number of participants is 6 people.
With less than 6 people, we recommend our web page ribs based on individual registration .
For groups of varying ages and interests, we recommend visiting our Rib Fern page for family and friends .

Rent your wet-gear at RIB Actie Scheveningen:
At RIB Actie Scheveningen it is possible to rent wet-gear (long pants with jacket) at € 5, – p.p.
The wet-gear prevent you from getting cold or wet.
In addition, these packs protect against any salt deposits on your clothes, which are the result of overflowing ‘spray’.
Renting wet-gear can be indicated in advance or spontaneously decide on the jetty before departure. After all, the weather can also decide differently!

Safety ribs at RIB Actie Scheveningen
For more information regarding safety and deductibles, please refer to our webpage: Safety ribs in Scheveningen.