Bachelor “Rib dip” with Beach BBQ

Do you want to throw the bachelor overboard in the middle of the sea?

We can! RIB Actie Scheveningen offers the “Bachelor Rib Dip” and various possibilities to offer your friend or girlfriend, who is about to get married, a spectacular package.

Before the bachelor officially gets into the real wedding boat we take him or her on board on one of our RIB power boats for the Rib Powerboat Singles Action. After a spectacular RIB powerboat trip at sea the bride or groom to be gets fully acquainted with a refreshing dive in the North Sea. In a survival suit floating over the waves under the supervision of your friends. Guaranteed fun!

Costs Singles Rib dip:

RIB powerboat sailing (45 minutes) with survival suit for the bachelor
Costs: € 47.50 per person.
The above rate includes Secumar life jacket, fuel and crew members insurance.
Minimum number of participants is 6 people.

Singles Rib dip ideal to combine with a Beach BBQ or with one of our packages.

The sun goes down, friends / colleagues together, bottle of wine and your own BBQ on the table. We work closely with Solbeach , the specialist in BBQ area in Scheveningen.

Especially the table BBQ is extremely popular. A stone grill idea but with your own BBQ on the table, ready for use with glowing charcoal.
Each BBQ is served with a corn cob with herb butter, a fresh American coleslaw, a traditional potato salad, sauces and marinade.

Costs BBQ arrangements:

BBQ mix Meat & Fish:

Marinated chicken satay, turkey merquez, king prawns, cod and a hamburger.
Costs € 21.50 p.p.

BBQ Fish:

Marinated salmon fillet, langoustine, cod, king prawns and day special.
Costs € 24.50 p.p.

BBQ Meat:

Marinated chicken saté, hamburger, turkey merquez, steak and chicken burger.
Costs € 24.50 p.p.

BBQ Solbeach:

Burger beef, steak, turkey merquez, cod and king prawns
Costs € 26.00 p.p.

BBQ Veggie:

Vega burger, haloumi cheese, vegetable skewer, avocado and mushrooms.
Costs of € 21.50 p.p.

All BBQ’s are served with corn on the cob and herb butter, a fresh American cabbage salad, a traditional potato salad, sauces and marinade

To order extra at the BBQ:

French fries € 1.90 p.p.
Bread with sour-dough, herb butter, guacamole, aioli  € 7.50
Cabbage salad € 3.90 p.p.
Potato salad € 3.90

Beverage Package:

Unlimited lager, white beer, soft drinks, fruit juices and house wines.

Cost for 2 hours € 18.00 p.p.
Cost for 3 hours € 21.00 p.p.
Cost for 4 hours at € 26.00 p.p.
Cost for 5 hours à € 30.00 p.p.
Cost for 6 hours € 34.50 p.p.

Rib ride and BBQ Scheveningen

Rent wet-gear at RIB Actie Scheveningen:

At RIB Actie Scheveningen it is possible to rent wet-gear (long pants with jacket) at € 5, – p.p.
The wet-gear prevents you from getting cold or wet.
In addition, these packs protect against any salt deposits on your clothes, which are the result of overflowing ‘spray’.
Renting wet-gear can be indicated in advance or spontaneously decide on the jetty before departure. After all, the weather can also decide differently!

Safety Rib trips at RIB Action Scheveningen:

For more information regarding safety and deductibles, please refer to our web page:
Safety ribs Scheveningen.

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